Enjoy sports and wellbeing activities from the comfort of your home.

Regular physical exercise is essential to keep you healthy.

Gymlib is there for you all day every day, wherever you are, with a unique programme to help you get the most out of your exercise routine.

A comprehensive package containing 3 programmes

Gymlib Home is included in all Gymlib subscriptions and is available for free to all employees at our partner companies. If your company doesn’t work with Gymlib yet, get in touch with us by filling in the form below.

Sport & wellbeing apps

Access our premium programmes for sport, meditation and healthy eating wherever and whenever you want.

Live classes

Experience live group classes from the comfort of your home with our professional coaches.

Themed workshops and talks

Get advice from experts and elite athletes to improve your day-to-day wellbeing.

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Premium access to sport & wellbeing apps

Sport, meditation, nutrition... Thanks to your company, you’ll receive a premium subscription to FizzUp, Mind and Foodvisor.

FizzUp: workout routines suitable for everyone. Get your body moving with simple, paced exercises, with or without equipment.

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Mind: find out how to live a better life with our guided meditation app! Train your mind to stay calm under any circumstances with help from the experts.

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Foodvisor: learn how to eat better to improve your health. Receive personalised advice from nutritionists and achieve your goals quickly.

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Themed workshops and talksby experts

Participate in our workshops and talks by wellbeing experts (physical training, nutrition, sophrology, osteopathy, etc.) and elite athletes or watch the recording later.

Our experts will give you some top tips to improve your daily health and fitness. Take advantage of the workshops to learn about and discuss aspects relating to sport and wellbeing. A range of formats are available: talks, discussions, coaching sessions, etc.

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